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New & Updated!!
October 29 2000

-Pictures and summery for Who's Gurkhan? are now up. At the moment only pictures 1-6 work because my comp is down, so I can't get to my files. I will put the rest of the pictures up tomorrow morning.

October 24 2000

-Lot's of pictures up! First I have the summery AND the pictures for Heart Of Darkness up!
-Pictures and summery for Lucy's apperance on Rosie O'Donnell
-Pictures and summery for Lucy's apperance on Conan O'Brien
-Pictures and summery of Lucy co hosting Live With Regis

October 17 2000

-Just finished watching "Rosie O'Donnell" Lucy looked beautiful as always and sounded like she was losing her voice. She mentioned Julius' birthday and talked a little about her son and about filming Xena while she was pregnant. They talked about breat cancer and Lucy said at her last mamogram she fainted *laugh* Poor Lucy. Also, she confirmed (for those still doubtful) that this is infact the last season. Renee was on a break for her wedding, Lucy was in New York doing interviews and Adrienne is home. But they are ALL going back to New Zealand later this year to film the final 10 episodes... Anyways, I am HOPING (cough) to have pictures up of Lucy on Rosie... but it may take a long time.
-Keiran's interview FINALLY up! Click here to read It's a good interview and he talks about when him and Lucy had those yucky rats dropped on them. Everyone knows that famous blooper very well of Lucy laughing and getting hysterical when that scene was filmed :)

October 16 2000

-Happy Wedding Day! Renee married her boyfriend Steve Muir this past weekend, we think on October 14th, but it could have been the 15th, in Austin Texas.
-Julius turned one year old today! Happy birthday little guy!
-Pictures for The Haunting Of Amphipolis now up for viewing.
-RIGHT in the middle of adding Kieran Hutchison's interview. Will be up tomorrow,

October 13 2000

-Got my second interview with Adrienne Wilkinson up. It's a great interview!
-Have the summery for The Haunting Of Amphipolis up.
-Tamara Gorski (Morrigan on Hercules) says she can probably do the interview this weekend. Stay tuned for that!

October 11 2000

-Pictures for Coming Home are now up! Enjoy!

October 7 2000

-Summery for the Season Opening of Season Six now up! "Coming Home" also featured the first and ever BRAND NEW opening! Wow... what a shock! Pictures coming soon, I promise!

October 2 2000

-I am SO excited! First, Xena's first season begins for me in two days AND I am going to be conducting not one, not two, but FOUR INTERVIEWS this month! Two are already in progress and the other two are about to be! First, will be Kieren Hutchison who played Talus in Death In Chains. Quite the cutie. Then I will be interviewing Tamara Gorski who played Morrigan in Hercules. Not quite a Xena role, but she worked with TONS of Xena actors including Renee. Then I will be interviewing Missy Good who you know has been writing for Xena lately. And last I will re interview Adrienne Wilkinson about "The Haunting Of Amphipolis" after it airs. She expressed how much she loved doing the show and can't wait to talk about it! So all that along with the new pictures coming for this season and the Official Page I am doing for Rajnel Singh (Indrajit) this is sure to be a terrific month!!

September 29 2000

-Wow, has it really been that long since an update? Doesn't seem that long. Well, for some of you it's only THREE more days until Season Six begins. For me, it is five. I don't think I will make it!!! I got a couple treats for y'all! First off, even MORE pictures from Season Six. Plus I looked up some of the guest stars for the Season Six episodes and discovered a few neat things ya may wanna check out. A bit more updated info in the Season six area as well. I also have added another picture of Lucy and Daisy and a few Behind The Scenes pictures. A couple new. The rest are ones I had, lost and recently found buried in my files. Enjoy!!!

September 16 2000

-Updated Season Six Info! It's gonna be a great season!

September 15 2000

-Added updated picture of me, my sister and brother by request. Also made the page a little easier to browse through. *shrug* I'm bored :o)

September 14 2000

-Since I got a couple complaints from people who's comps don't accept bmp files, I changed the Season Six pics from bmp to the normal jpg. So you can all actually see em now =) Go now! Enjoy! And remember, THE SIXTH SEASON STARTS OCTOBER 2 2000 AND ALL 22 EPISODES WILL AIR!

September 13 2000

-Tired of having an address like Boring huh? Well, if you sign up NOW you can be the first person to get an address such as or! Butcha gotta sign up now! Click Here Now! Free email 4 LIFE!
-Everything now works on this page... well, I think there are a couple broken links. And there are two episodes in Season 5 where the pics don't work. BUT Netscape users can now actually SEE this page instead of seeing a blank one. Enjoy!

September 10 2000

-YAY! My scanner is FIXED! You HAVE to see the Toronto Trek Convention pictures. And read my little story. *hehe*

Septemeber 8 2000

-It is rumoured Xena will be CANCELLED after only 16 episodes this season. We can NOT let that happen! I have contacted my sources on this matter in hopes to learn more about this. Until then, you CAN help! You can fax Uni Studios at: 1-212-373-7660 or email at I recomment you fan as the mails may not be read. BE POLITE! Being rude may make them mad... and we don't want that right? =)

Image made by Mary D.

August 31 2000

-I think I finally got the problem of my page fixed. A lot of people said they could not get into the opening page. For some reason Netscape did not like the link. So I changed it from ComeHome.htm to ComeHome.html in hopes this problem will be fixed. If not I will go back to the old Home.html and try that. If you have anymore problems, please PLEASE email me at Thank you and enjoy. You can now move on to Home
-Added a very nice and natural picture of Lucy
-Added 3 cute Behind The Scenes Pictures

August 25 2000

-Before my scanner TOTALLY broke down, I managed to get my Autographs of Claire and Alex scanned... kinda crappily, but not TOO bad. Check em out!

August 21 2000

-Title change! After 3 years of having the horribly LONG title "The Xena and Gabrielle Information Page" I am now "Seen-A Warrior Princess?" Cute huh? If you don't get it, say it out loud. Technically I am "Seen-A Warrior Princess?: The Xena and Gabrielle Information Page" but that is a lot to say in one breath =)
-Another "Xena First" is a coming your way! I will be the first Xena page (That I know of anyways) that will be able to say they saw "I'll Make You Happy" It is a movie starring Michael Hurst (Iolaus), his wife and Lucy herself! The movie is only available in NZ and Greenland so far. But my New Zeland friend searched tons of video stores in NZ and finally found me a copy! It will be arriving this week hopefully, and then I can tell you ALL about it!
-I emailed Adrienne and Bruce Campbell requesting another interview and to talk about this season. I am currently waiting for a reply =)
-One last thing, Season Six starts the week of October 2 2000. Everyone says it is the last season BUT as long as Lucy says okay, there will be a Season 7... we HOPE she says yes don't we? =) Also, please stop asking what will happen on the show now that there are no more Gods and everyone is dead. *smile* Not to be a bitch, but I have had to write the same email over and over saying the same thing. Not ALL the Gods are dead first off. Aphrodite and her family (Cupid...Bliss...) are just some that are still around. There are a lot of Gods. And not everyONE is dead either. The basic age of people in the Xenaverse is 30. Gab and Xena were "dead" 20 years. Now... all of a sudden 50 is considered the dying age? *lol* Noper. Xena's mum could even still be alive and kicking at age 70. You just don't know =)

August 18 2000

-Thx to Primenet, I have 17 pictures from Season Six! Check it out! They're pretty cool =)

August 17 2000

-Added Season Six Info!!! Check it out!
-I am working my butt off trying to get all these updates... updated =) I have to add MAX members plus info that I have found out so far this summer. Like *ahem* Renee is getting married in 2000! Well... it is August, so I suspect the wedding is soon. Isn't that wonderful? YAY RENEE! I have also added two wonderful pictures of Renee Here!.
-I fixed the Search Engine and fixed a couple broken links. I have gotten a lot of praise about the new front page and I wanna say thank you to those who emailed me and guest booked my all those wonderful letters. Thx!
-Coming soon! A few feature to this site where you can submit questions to Indrajit! Cool huh? Ask him anything you want and his answers will be posted here! Plus the official page for Rajneel (Indrajit)...which he asked me to make *yay*... will be up soon too so stay tuned for that! Also, I have to get all my autographed pics rescanned and put up here when my scanner gets fixed...if ever. =)

August 16 2000

-Hiya! I know it seems I have not updated in a long time... well, I had but the info was lost with the page move... sorry. Anywho, yes! My page is FINALLY all moved over! Angelfire is no more and my page is NOW hosted by Tripod! Very cool. I can actually fit my entire page on here! I am so amazed. *hehe* Wanna send me feedback on what you think of the new layout? Then Click here! And if you find any broken links PLEASE tell me. I am sure there will be a few. This is a BIG page after all. And look for the Toronro Trek Convention pictures coming soon! As soon as I get my crappy scanner fixed *smile*

June 26 2000

-The following pages will be down until furter notice:
Lucy Pix Page One, Xena Pix Page One, Daisy Pictures, Wedding Pictures, Saturday Night Live Pictures and Bulimia Interview Pix.
These pages may or may not work. But they WILL be fixed tomorrow. Just to let you know, I am in the middle of moving my page over. After 2 and a half years on Angelfire and the TINY 5mb I get, I found out that Tripod gives out 50mb of space. Well, my page is about 45mb, so I booted right over there =) The pictures are uploaded and I switched the picture links on this page. Next I wil download the pages onto Tripod and I'm done. Every address on this site will work until Angelfire kicks me off. But I suggest when the new addy is created to redirect yourself =) The address will be the same. BATTLE ON!

June 15 2000

-I did it! I spent the last 3 hours pawing through all my award applications to finally come up with *drum role plz* THE AWARD WINNERS PAGE! Okay, all fanfare aside, it doesn't sound like much. But when you have a year and a half of emails to go through, pawing out the deleted pages and figuring out who got Gold, who got Silver and who got Broze, it is pretty tiring work! Well, it's done. SO COME ON DOWN!

June 06 2000

-Josh Becker, fired from Ren Pic for good! Details Here!

June 03 2000

-Spent the last HOUR cleaning out this site. The other characters page is gone... and all the Ares, Cally, Auto and Joxer pics went into the Cast Pictures archive.
-The WHOLE page index page was REDONE... a lot of work... considering so many pages have been deleted. Past stuff not needed anymore. PLEASE go see the Table Of Contents. It's an easy fast way to view this page. Thx!

June 02 2000

-Added and fixed up the Clique Page.
-Got some more Awards!
-Added a new page for Xena Encounters
-Added another page for Artists Who Made Graphics For This Site
-Pictures for Motherhood are finally up!

June 01 2000

-Vote for Lucy OR Renee at the Celebrity Knockout. Lucy is now ahead with 59%.
-Lucy on ET tonight!
At this time I am working on three things. Getting two new pages up and running (A Lucy encounters page and a page with graphics others have made for this page) and I am gonna get pix from "Motherhood" up. This will all be done by tomorrow night =)

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