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New And Updated April-August 1999 August 25 1999:

Redid the graphics for my Episode Guide. Check em out!

August 24 1999:

Another email from Bruce Campbell! This time about his kids. Click Here!
Added 5 more Lucy Lawless Pictures and totally redid the first page so it loads faster. In time ALL the picture pages will load like this.

August 6 1999:

Finally updated MAX a bit. There are still over 50 that need to be put in, and I am getting to it I promise :)

August 5 1999:

Got a couple more awards! Check em out Here!

July 25 1999:

What's the DELAY??

July 14 1999:

Added a picture to the Behind The Scenes Picture Page

July 13 1999:

Is Bruce Campbell married?? Click HERE to find out!
Indrajit from The Way LOVES my site! CLICK HERE to see what he made me!
New Award

July 8 1999:

Added some more possible titles for the upcoming Season Five

July 3 1999:

Made some changes to the Home Page

July 1 1999:

Got yet another guestbook :) The other ones are full

June 29 1999:

Added To The Inside Infomation Page about upcoming episodes! Also, my source is gonna be on one of the last episodes of Hercules! See what he has to say about Kevin and Michael's last moments.

June 26 1999:

Added a Behind The Scenes picture
Added a scan from People Magazine about Lucy's Wedding Including a LOVELY pic of Lucy Rob and their parents.
Removed Reunited Pictures until further notice.
Changed just about every picture in the Season Four area.

June 24 1999:

Had to remove pictures from the following pages until further notice:
Ides Of March
Paradise Found
The India Pictures

June 19 1999:

Added pictures of Lucy looking good (and showing a bit) at the Star Wars opening in NZ
Added 8 pictures to the Daisy And Lucy page

June 02 1999:

Added pictures of Lucy on Regis And Kathy Lee
Added pictures of Lucy on Howard Stern
Added pictures of Renee on Vibe

May 29 1999:

Added pretty much the entire ending of Ides Of March to the Sounds Page

May 25 1999:

Added an "Before They Were On Xena..." page. Pictures of Lucy, Renee and Bruce in stuff they did before they got their roles on "Xena"

May 23 1999:

Got more guarded moments for my Guardian Page

May 22 1999:

A page with PROOF that Xena IS NOT ENDING for all you doubters out there.
I Made A New Opening Logo On The Opening Page and the Home Page
Added 18 pictures to the Xena Picture Page
Added 5 pictures to the Lucy Lawless Picture Page
Added 31 pictures to the Gabrielle Picture Page
Added 7 pictures to the Renee O'Connor Picture Page
Added 8 pictures to the Autolycus Picture Page
Added 19 pictures to the Callisto Picture Page
Added 6 pictures to the Hudson Leick Picture Page
Added 6 pictures to the Ares Picture Page
Added 8 pictures to the Joxer Picture Page
Warning, these pages DO take awhile to load, so please be patient. I just spent over an hour adding all these pics JUST for you guys. Hope you enjoy!!
Affective today (May 22) at 9:30pm EST the new address for this webpage is You dont have to update your bookmarks though. You can still get to the Opening Page and the Home Page and any other page using the old address: It just makes things easier for me when I am telling someone what the address of my site is :)

May 20 1999:

Updated the Season Four Episode Guide with a summery and pic from Deja Vu All Over Again

May 19 1999:

Changed the Quote Of The Week
Changed the background on the Home Page
Took off Send A Postcard for now cuz it isn't working.
Added MORE Behind The Scenes Pictures.
Confirmed I was right about these Pictures Being From Deja Vu... and took the banner off the front page.

May 18 1999:

Due to many requests to keep this page up and frequent... here it is. I will try to keep it up to date with what I am doing. :)

Recent Updates:
Added this page to Home
Added Lucy pics from the Canadian Tv Guide
Added Ides Of March pictures
Added a ton of people to MAX
Totally redid the Pictures Page
Added a clique entitled Good Bye Ephiny
Got some more Awards :)
I am about to almost complete the Episode Guide now that I bought season one and two on video, I have seen every single episode *grin*
Changed the Quote of The Week a couple times. I am trying to keep this as a different quote every week but I am afraid I have been slacking a bit :(

April 10 1999:

Added TV Guide Pics to the Page (Click Icon To Go)

Added to Lucy And Daisy Lawless Picture Page

April 9 1999:

Changed Quote Of The Week. Took wedding announcment and birthday greeting down.

Added to Season Four schedual.