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Xena Sounds
A few of these sounds aren't working right now... mostly the ones at the bottom. I am gonna have that fixed soon I promse :)

These next few clips come from Lessa's Page. Thanx to Lessa for letting me use them!

Kevin Smith Singing "Kung Fu Fighting" Very Cute!
Lucy Lawless Singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" From "Christmas In The Park 1998"
Lucy Lawless Singing "Silent Night" From "Christmas In The Park 1998"
Lucy Lawless Singing "Oh Come, Emmanuel" From "Christmas In The Park 1997"
Kevin Smith (Ares) and Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Bodacia) Singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" From "Christmas In The Park"
Lucy, Kevin (Ares) and Jennifer (Bodacia) Singing "10 Days Of Christmas (They Are Seven Swans A Swimming)" From "Christmas In The Park"

These four clips are (pretty much) the entire ending of Ides Of March. I saw this on Toms Xena Page and I knew I had to post them. These scenes make me cry, even just LISTENING to them. They take a little while to load but is SO worth it!
Part One (01:52)
Part Two (01:53)
Part Three (01:00)
Part Four (06:02)

Thanx to Suzilla For Snail Mailing Me These First 2 Clips & Others That I Don't Have Room For Right Now, But Will Soon.
Lucy And Her Co-Stars Singing "We Are New Zealand" from the NZ Comedy "Funny Business"
Part One
Part Two

Lucy And Renee Singing With Fangs in Their Mouth (Girl's Just Wanna...)

Here are a few of the sounds that are used on my site. Enjoy!

Lucy Sings The National Anthem

Hear Lucy Thank Her Loyal Fans!
Hear Renee's Rap About Xena (As Heard On Vibe)
Hear M'Lila's Theme. (Song On My Opening Page)
Quote Of The Week