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India Series
Updated Feb 25 '99

I have been talking for months about this four part India series and this week (Feb 1 99) marks it's beginning.
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PARADISE FOUND (Pictures and Summery) Pix

This episode was VERY good. The beginning of a four part India series. Xena and Gabby go to this place which is like Paradise at first but turns out to be hell. This dude is trying to drain Gabby of her goodness and convince Xena she has only evil in her. Then Xena turns into this rabbit tooth, bunny killing MANIAC and fights this evil man. And wins *yeah Xena!* Stay tuned for following India episodes.

DEVI (Pictures and Summery) Pix

Second in the four part India series, "Devi" features an actor named Tim O'Mundson who plays the role of "ELI". Eli is a wandering circus magician whom they befriend and, subsequently, bump into in their further adventures in India. There could be talk of making ELI a constant pop-up character every once in a while. Tim plays the role really well - soft-spoken, mysterious, magical kinda guy and he's pretty much the same in real life. Eli will ALSO appear in The Way.

BETWEEN THE LINES (Pictures and Summery) Pix

The first episode with Renee's NEW hair!!
Okay, I saw this episode, and I didn't like it. Last weeks and the weeks before were excellent. And I know next weeks will be awsome, but I didn't like this one. First, when Xena cut Gabby's hair with her chakram, it looked ADORIBLE at shoulder's length! (You can sorta see that in the pictures) Then she hacked it up. Anyways, enough rambling, here's what happened. Xena and Gabrielle travel to the future to their reincarnated bodies to battle Alti. Ta da! That's pretty much it. Did they beat her? Yup! Bu-ut, she will just be reincarnated into ANOTHER body and most likely will come back...again. *Phooey*

THE WAY (Pictures and Summery) Pix