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Coming Up On Xena WP...

Updated: May 8 '99

Well, it is coming! In one short week the big question will FINALLY be answered! What do these visions of Xena's MEAN?? This SHOULD have been a season ender, but for some strange reason it isn't. But it is (so I hear) a cliffhanger into the next season. Callisto is back sporting her new haircut (the hairstylists on the set are going CRAZY with the cuts. Gab, Auto and now Cally!) We all knew she would be back. I am surprised Hope hasn't come back yet. I mean... a knife in the shoulder, YEAH! THAT is gonna kill her! *smile* Anywho, it is also rumoured that Caesar is killed. About bloody time huh? I can not stand him. *blah* Anywho, here are ALL the pics I have collected of these visions (including the ones from this weeks "Coming up next week on Xena") so enjoy! This is gonna be a good one!

Pictures From The Future...

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