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Lucy Co Hosting On "Live With Regis" 10/18/00
PICTURES BELOW! Click to make bigger
Photo Credit! Thank you to The Temple Of The Chakram for clipping these images.

Lucy was a great co host! Kind of shy, but not too bad. Regis kept calling her "Xena" instead of Lucy and once called her "Xenia" *laugh* She talked about Xena coming to an end like she did the day before on the Rosie O'Donnell Show and seemed very sad. The first guest came out (I can't remember his name) and Lucy didn't say much, I still think she was a little nervous. The second guest, Charlie Sheen came out and Lucy wasn't there! I don't know where she went, but she was back for the last guest. Anastasia or something like that. A "Britany Spears"/"Christina Agulara" yadda yadda wannabe. And sorry Ana, but you were an airhead. She had this laugh that drove me insane. Even Lucy and Regis kinda jumped when she first started to laugh. And she was so... TRYING to be all hyper and obnoxious. *shrug* Oh well. Pictures below. Enjoy!