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Lucy On The Rosie O'Donnell Show 10/17/00
PICTURES BELOW! Click to make bigger.
Picture Credit! Thank you to The Temple Of The Chakram for clipping these images.

This was Lucy's first interview since we found out the show was cancelled. Lucy seemed very nervous and shy and sad. She was the very last guest, which peeved me off cuz I had to sit through Helen Hunt. *smile* Although, I did like them talking about Survivor. I am like the biggest Survivor fan *hehe* Anyways, Lucy finally came out. They talked about Julius turning one and Rosie gave Lucy a gift for Julius! A set of picture frames for every birthday in the first 6 years of his life to put up on the wall in kind of a "step by step" of his life thingy. *laugh* I am wonderful at explaning things huh? Anyways here are the pictures. Enjoy!