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Lucy On Conan O'Brien 10/18/00
PICTURES BELOW! Click to make bigger.
Picture Credit! Thank you to The Temple Of The Chakram for clipping these images.

Man... talk about waiting and waiting for this interview. First, it was on after midnight, so I was dead tired (thanks to the year 2000, I now can't set my VCR because it reads "00" as "1900") and I had to sit through this REALLY annoying "year 2000" skit. Then a guest. Then who was on tomorrow, then finally they brought out Lucy who was MUCH more relaxed then she had been on Rosie O'Donnel and Regis. She sat on Conan's lap and played with his hair *laugh* Then she talked about meeting the president which she has done before and she is so funny at doing Clinton's voice. "I've seen your show, it's a very nice show..." *lol* Talked about her son again and about what a big boy he is and his nick name is "Julius Maximus". It was a great interview and Lucy was very endearing and funny. Enjoy these pictures!