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New & Updated!!
November 29 1999:

-Updated MAX: Meet A Xenite. Entries from August 17-October 2 1999. There are now 6 full pages and 180 members! And still a lot more to be added. Unfortunatly I just don't have the time. I am working on it though! If you wanna help me with the html PLEASE email me at It'll be a BIG help :)

November 26 1999:

-Finally got pictures and a summery up for "Back In The Bottle". I also saw "Little Problems" but summery and pictures for that should be added within the next couple of days. Then we have six weeks of repeats! YUCK!!!!!

November 21 1999:

-Added some RARE and old pictures of Lucy to the Lucy Lawless Picture Page including this VERY rare one of her in her coal mining days!! :)

November 18 1999:

-Finally updated the Disclaimers page. Now complete up to "Purity"
-Added a picture of Julius Lucy and Rob

November 17 1999:

-Added Some Sounds.
-Add a Credits Page.
-Changed the Opening Icon
Finally Re-added The Music To The Opening Page

November 16 1999:

-Added Pictures for Purity to the Season Five Episode Guide.
-More from Josh Becker on the musical Xena episode coming up!! :) You heard it here first folks :)

November 13 1999:

-I talked to Josh Becker again! He is the Xena directer who will be directing a new Xena episode in a couple weeks. See what he had to say about Julius and his visit at Lucy and Rob's house :) That plus the interview I did with him a few weeks ago is all at My Josh Becker Page

November 12 1999:

-Added pix of Lucy and Julius
-Added pix and summery of "Them Bones Them Bones" and summery of "Purity" to the Season Five Episode Guide

November 11 1999:

-Ahh! I have finally been able to come online to explain why it has been FOREVER since the last update! :) Click HERE for my explination. Also, I am SO SORRY about all the banner that appear when you come on here. My sponsers have decided that is nessecary. Just shrink em to the bottom of the screen instead of actually closing them everytime. That way they won't bug ya! :)

October 28 1999:

-Thanx to a VERY nice webmistress named ROCfanatic, I was able to MAJORLY update my Season Five Page! There are now roughly 12 pix for each episode which you can view by clicking on different parts of the episode summery! Also go there for ROCfanatic's Page link!

October 27 1999:

-Added some more Links to the links page.
-Keep on the lookout for the Simpsons episode on Oct 31 in which Lucy will guest star as Xena who is kidnapped by the comic book store guy. I love that guy! Never seen a character more sarcastic. (Except maybe Chandler on "Friends" What a cutie!)
-I reasked a very kind fellow Xena Webmistress for premission to use a few of her Season 5 pix on my site. Hey... we MAY just see pic updates! *yipee!* I'll keep ya posted!

October 26 1999:

-Pic of Lucy and Julius Lying On The Grass! It is so CUTE!

October 24 1999:

-Updated The Season Five Episode Guide. Pix And Summery Of "Animal Attraction"
-Rented The Xena: Warrior Princess" game for Playstation this weekend. It is real neat. I love playing with the chakram! :) It is a little hard to control though. And the screen is always flipping around. Plus I was disapointed that Lucy and Renee's voices weren't used. Out of 10 I give this game a 7. Try it out! But wait til the price drops til you buy it. Here in Canada is goes at about $65.00
-Sorry a lot of the updates have come to a halt. My inside source hasn't had much for me lately and the person I was getting episode pix from suddenly stopped putting them on her site! So I am kinda stuck. I am doing my best though. The opening layout is WAY different. I did that a week ago. As for "Quote Of The Week"... it's coming :) It is 2am here and I am kinda tired. Just to let you know Lucy and Julius are doing great! We hope to see pics of the little tyke soon.

October 16 1999:

-Lucy Has A Boy! Click Here For My Email From Sharon Delaney At Creation Net!

October 13 1999:

-Updated The Index Page
-Changed The Entire Look And Feel Of The Other Characters Page.

October 11 1999:

-Added An Interview With Xena Director JOSH BECKER

October 6 1999:

-New Quote Of The Week
-Updated the Season Five episode guide with pix and summery of "Chakram"
-Changed the images on the Episode Guide It now loads over 60% faster.

October 1 1999:

-I finally did it! I updated the Quote of the Week! My speakers have been busted for some time, but they are now fixed! So no more mocking about it being the quote of the month (year?) *heehee*

September 29 1999:

-I have bugged like crazy to get some recent pictures up here. SO, if ya really wanna see me, Come On Down!
-I just saw Fallen Angel and the summery and pictures are up HERE
-I have a new feature on my episode guide. THIS year, what I will be doing is having one main picture on the side beside the summery (like usual) and then, while reading the update you will be able to click on various parts ofthe guide to view a pic of the moment I am talking about. Pretty cool huh? Go here to check it out!

September 28 1999:

-Added A CHAT ROOM! Come sign up! It is free :)
-Added pictures to the Season Five page for episodes "Fallen Angel" and "Chakram" Summery for "Fallen Angel" coming tomorrow night.
-Cleaned up the Home Page a bit and made load time a bit faster

September 25 1999:

-Added a SEARCH ENGINE! Check it out:

September 23 1999:

-NEW XENA AWARDS to win!! Check em out!
-Added 50 more people to MAX: Meet A Xenite Check it out!

September 21 1999:

-Made An INDEX of EVERYTHING On This Site! Hope It Helps!

September 20 1999:

-Added 6 new pics to the Season Five Page!
-Won 2 more Awards :)

September 15 1999:

-Added 2 new Wedding Photos and took the others and placed them on another page to save loading time. Check it out :)

September 14 1999:

-Spent all NIGHT improving the following pages:
Lucy Lawless Bio
Xena Bio
Renee O'Connor Bio
Gabrielle Bio
I hope you like em!

September 13 1999:

-Added Some Behind The Scenes Pictures AND Broke It Into 4 Pages So Loading Time Is A Lot Faster!
-This year Xena was nominated for OUTSTANDING MUSIC COMPOSITION FOR A SERIES (DRAMATIC UNDERSCORE) for the episode DEVI and unfortunatly they lost. This was their second nomination (I believe) but they have no wins yet :( Hang in there guys! We got two more great seasons to win Emmys!
-Finally fixed the Xena and Gabrielle pages. They look SO much nicer! Click the character to go to thier page:

-Took off this banner... I will put it up again at another part of my page but right now it is taking up space:

September 12 1999:

-The interviews are finally up!

September 10 1999:

-Added More Season Five Rumours and Pictures.
-Finished my interview with Rajneel Singh! Transcript will be up soon as well as the questions I emailed to Bruce Campbell.

September 4 1999:

-Added some more Behind The Scenes Pictures
-Made a seperate page for "New And Updated April-August 1999"
-Today (well, last night) Bruce Campbell (Autolycus) agreed to an interview... kinda. He said I could email him any 10 questions I wanted. Stay tuned for those results!
-Also, Rajneel Singh (Indrajit from The Way) who turns out is a frequent visitor to my webpage, agreed to an interview. When I can catch him online again, I will get the interview :) Stay tuned!
-Had to remove most of my Me Pics because they contained my jerk ex-boyfriend *sweet smile* SO I will be getting some other pictures scanned asap. Also changed my Info a bit.

September 2 1999:

-Added some pics of pregnant Lucy to the Baby Page
-Added a new opening icon to the Picture Archive. Hey, I am bored tonight :)

"New And Updated April-August 1999"