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Xena: Season Two


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Season Two
Orphan Orphan Of War In this episode, the opener for Season Two, we find out Xena has a SON! Yes, little Solan. The kid who wants to be a warrior. He doesn't know Xena is his mommy, he has been raised by his uncle and told his dead father and step mom are his parents. Anywho, despite what Gabby says, Xena refuses to tell Solan she is his mother. Trust me, she will regret it later. (See Season Three: Maternal Instincts)
Remember Remember Nothing Excellent episode! Xena kills a masked enemy only to discover he is only a boy. So when the fates give Xena one wish, the fates say they will take her back in time to before she started killing and relive her life. As long as she doesn't shead blood. But when Xena finds Gabrielle and sees she is a slave and a killing machine (*smile*) she realizes she has to put Gabrielle before anyone and sheads blood therefore going BACK to before she made the deal with the fates and ends up saving the young boy.
Giant The Giant Killer This one is a little weird. Gabrielle falls in love with this guy David, eventhough he is engaged to this girl, Sara. Xena's friend Goliath, who is a giant, wants to avenge the death of his wife and kids, but Xena will not let him do it, and ends up killing her Giant friend before he can kill anyone. Sad ain't it?
Have Fun Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Now THIS was a crazy episode! Bacchus is this devil like dude who is ruler of the Bacchi, young woman he kidnaps to make into vampire like beings. And who gets captured and bitten? Gabrielle! And who goes to save her? Who else? Xena like always! But, to defeat Bacchus Xena, Joxer and their bodiless buddy, Orpheus, have to go to his lair, play a Liar and stop Gabby from drinking the blood. But not before Xena herself is bitten, by Gabrielle...
Return Of Cally Return Of Callisto Well, Cally is BACK! (big surprise) and she wants to totally kill Xena (what else is new?) So she goes on her usual screaming screetching rampage and kills Gabrielle's husband. Yes, her and Perdicus were married for one whole day when Callisto came along and killed him, right infront of Gabby. Needless to say, she is pissed. She vows she will avenge her hubby, but when the time comes to kill Callisto, Gabrielle just can't do it. So Cal and Xena up in in a chariot race that ends up with someone dead...
WPT Warrior... Princess... Tramp The second of so far three ongoing episodes. (There is supposed to be one like this season four too). Xena lookalike Princess Diana is back! And this time there is a new character named Meg who (surprise surprise) looks exactly like Xena and Diana! *smile* It gets a little confusing when Diana is pretending to be Xena pretending to be Diana and Meg is pretending to be Diana pretending to be Xena. But it is still a fun episode and one of my favs!
Stranger Intimate Stranger A sad episode. Xena is over come with guilt over letting Callisto die (what can I say, Xena is just too SWEET!) The guilt (and some help from Ares) leads her to a face off with Callisto in the underworld, ending with Xena in Callisto's body (and visa versa) and Xena only has 24 hours to get Callisto back in Tartrus (or however you spell it) and herself back in her own body. When it all ends, Xena is back on Earth! But still in Callisto's body :o(
Ten Ten Little Warlords Well, Xena is still is Callisto's body. And Ares is back, with no Godly powers. :o( I didn't like this episode much. Except for the parts with Gabrielle and Joxer, those were funny. I just missed Lucy Lawless too much (a lot of people say the same thing) But at least at the end, Xena gets her own body back.
Solstice A Solstice Carol A Christmas episode! A pretty funny one too. Gabrielle gets this cute little donkey and her and Xena meet up with a toy maker named Senticles who turns out to be the very first Santa. And Xena has to convince this King to let everyone celebrate Solstice, because he won't. He is too sad that his wife left him years ago around that time. BUT everything works out in the end like always, and Gabrielle gives her beloved donkey to a woman and man with a new baby that are travelling.
Scrolls The Xena Scrolls OKay, this one is neat. It is supposed to take place in the early 1900's. Lucy places a woman named Mel and Renee is a lady named Janice. They are looking for "The Xena Scrolls" which are those things that Gabby is always writing in. They find them, along with Ares who has been trapped for years and years. Xena then takes over the body of her annsestor and re-traps Ares. Janice is all sad because she though SHE was related to Xena and not just Gabrielle. But then Xena talks to her and shares good memories of Gabrielle, convincing Janice that Gabs was a GREAT person.
Amphipolis Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis I finally saw this one and boy was it good! Xena has to sneek into this beauty pagent to find out who is secreatly trying to jepordize the contestants chances of winning. Gabrielle poses as her sponser. And at the very end of the episode who is crowned "Miss Known World"? Well, I am not gonna say. But, the winner DOES give Xena a nice long kiss when crowned the winner, much to Gabrielle's shock and surprise!
Destiny Destiny This is a very memoriable episode. Xena is killed while saving a little girl. While she is dying, she is thinking back in time to when she met up with Ceaser and he betrayed her. Her really good friend (who taught her the "pinch"), M'Lila ends up dead. This episode ends with Gabrielle next to Xena crying as she slowly slips into death.
Quest The Quest Gabrielle wants to bring Xena's body to be buried next to her brother. But on the way, she meets up with Ephiny and the other Amazons who convince her to give Xena and Amazon burial and for Gabrielle to take her place as Queen. But first she has to get by the evil Valasca. Xena, who isn't completely dead, takes over Autolycus' body. When Gabrielle finally figures it out and finds out Xena's body must get some ambrosia or she will be dead for good, she gets it and saves Xena's life. But the evil Valasca ends up with ambrosia.
Evil A Necessary Evil In a continuation, Valasca comes back witht he ambrosia and turns into The God of Caos. She is after Gabrielle and is totally mad. Since Xena knows to fight an immortal she needs an immortal, they go and get Callisto from the underground hole Hercules left her in (she became immortal on Hercules) and get her, promising her Ambrosia. Callisto becomes a God, fights Valaca and they both end up tumbling into a lava river.
DayLife A Day In The Life The last time I saw this episode was at least a year ago, but it is still my favourite. In a comedy twist, Xena and Gabrielle visit a village where a married man named Hower falls in love with the warrior woman. A lot of signs point to Xena and Gabrielle's relationship in this episode, but I like it a lot. HIGHLY recommended!
BellTolls For Him The Bell Tolls This was a neat episode. Although Xena was practically not in it, we got to see Gabby as more of a "leader" than a "sidekick", which we needed. Another thing we got to see was another side of Joxer. A handsome, sexy type that know one expects from little ol' Joxxy. This episode basically has to do with a fight between Aphrodite and her son Cupid. It is quite cute. All in all this was a great episode full of humour and I would definatly see it again.
Exect The Execution Gabrielle's friend Meleageris accused of a crime he said he didn't do. Gabrielle believes him, but Xena doesn't. He later admits he was guilty, but was drunk at the time. Just before he is hung and killed, Xena rescues him. *yea*
Blind Blind Faith Xena is blinded in battle and only has a short ammount of time to get some Egyptian senna, the only cure for blindness. But Gabrielle is kidnapped (again!) and Xena decides to rescue her and let herself go blind. Gabrielle is forced into marrying a dead king, then die with him so this evil dude vcan take over. Xena recues her just before she is cremated and one of the servents says he has Xena's cure for blindness growing in his garden. *yippee*
Ulysses Ulysses Kay, I just finally saw this episode and it was a little...silly. The only thing good (and very cute) about it was Gabby's seasickness. I don't understand what Xena saw in Ulysses. He was a bit of a geek. Anywho, in this episode, Xena and Gabrielle meet up with this dude Ulysses and help him travel home (by boat) to his kingdom so he can re-rule it. Him and Xena fall in love, but she pretends she doesn't like him so he will go and stay with his home instead of being with her. *highlight* Lucy sings beautifully in this always!
Price The Price Saw this one too. GOOD episode. Xena becomes obessesed with this group of killing guys called "The Horde" and kinda turns evil again. She believes they are caling to an evil God as they are dying, but kind Gabby finds out they only want water, and turns Xena back to her good ol' ways. Xena and Gabby's love shows in this episode when Xena stumbles over her words saying to Gabrielle "No, you know hatred but you never give in to it. You don't know how much I love...that" OH!!! She should have said "YOU"!!!!
Lost Lost Mariner I just saw this episode and it was GOOD! Xena and Gab find themselves on the cursed ship of Ceacrops. The curse is that they can not leave the ship until love redeams him. As it is he has been on the ship for 300 years. He was cursed by Poisiden and Athena gave him immortality. When he finally DOES get off the ship, it is a grand reunion between him and land.
Comedy Comedy Of Eros Another good episode to finish the season. Cupid's adorible Bliss gets ahold of his dad's arrows and puts a spell on everyone. Gabby falls for Joxer (which makes him SO happy), Xena falls for Draco who loves Gabrielle. Everything is straigtened out in the end. But when Gabrielle cracks a joke about how rediculas it was that her and Joxer could ever BE in love and walks away, Joxer says sarcastically "Ha ha" and his eyes fill with tears :(