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Xena: Season Three


Well, I have seen all but two episodes from this season. So, I should be able to give a good summery of each. Also check out Season One Season Two Season Four Season Five, Season Six and Hercules/Xena Crossovers.

Season Three
Furies The Furies In this episode, the opener for Season Three, Xena is accused of murdering her father. So the fates say that Xena will be cursed with prosectuion and madness. Xena finds out that it was her mother that murdered her father and she is about to kill her, but she realizes that it wouldn't help, and she convinces the fates that Ares is her father. This is a very cute episode as Xena stubbles around nuts. My two fav lines come from Xena: "I'm crazy, not stupid" and "I'm a lunatic with deadly combat skills"
BeenThere Been There, Done That Another one of my favourite episodes. The day is repeating itself and only Xena knows it. She has figure out why it is repeating, and stop it. But it doesn't help along the way when Gabrielle, Joxer and Argo get killed. The day repeats no matter what she does, and I swear, it is so funny to see her so flustered!
Dozen The Dirty Half Dozen Didn't see it yet!!! Sorry!!
Deliver The Deliverer Well, Ceaser is BACK again. Xena finds this out and vows to get back at him for everything he has put her through. So she takes Gabrielle to Brittania to get her revenge. There, Gabrielle meets a man who talks about one God he worships and Gabrielle thinks this man is real sweet (I am sorry guys, I can't remember his name) Anyways, to make a long story short, she goes with him to a ceremony to worship this God, who turns out to be Dahawk. this evil devil like guy. Gabby gets pregnant with his baby (although at this point, we don't know that) and Gabby makes her very first kill.
GabHope Gabrielle's Hope This is one of my favourite episodes. Here we find out Gabrielle is carrying Dahawk's child. It grows very fast and she gives birth (Xena deliver's the baby) Gabrielle thinks she is very sweet and names her Hope. She is convinced that Hope can't be evil and that she can fight her dark side. Xena however has doubts and vows to kill Hope. So Gabrielle tells Xena she threw Hope over a cliff when she really sends her baby down a river in a basket. Boy, she'll regret THAT later on.
Debt The Debt Well, this one is hard to describe. i didn't really pay much attention to it. We find out basically what happened to Xena after the whole Ceaser thing all those years ago. We find out she had this friend (lou mai or something) who saved her from this King and his son (mai te ain or something). She tells Gabrielle she has to go back and kill the now grow up son who has become King. But Gabrielle betrays Xena. and gets there before her, warning the King. She was only trying to help (so she says) but it turns out for the worst.
Debt2 The Debt II Okay, now Xena is pissed at Gabrielle. She is sentenced to be killed. But at the last minute she calls up all these cool powers her former friend (Lou mia or whatever. I should really look these names up) taught her. She makes amense with Gabrielle and promises her she won't kill the King, but she goes behind Gabby's back kills him anyways.
King King Of Assassins We find out Joxer has an evil twin brother! Ofcourse! *smile* This is another one that I have on tape, and I haved watched, but I still kinda didn't watch it 'cause I found it boring. All I know is that Autolycus is in it *yea!* and it has something to do with Cleopatra. Also, it gives Ted Raimi a chance to explore his talents beyond the "Joxer" character.
WPT Warrior... Priestess... Tramp Okay, number three in the so far three parter. We are introduced to a new Xena look-alike, Priestess Leah. And Meg is back!!! It is more or less like the other two, but it remains my favourite. We find out Joxer has a thing for Meg and Leah is a Hestian Virgin who is a little flaky. And very judgemental, especially when she finds out Xena and Gabrielle are not virgins.
Quill The Quill Is Mightier I saw this episode *WOO HOO* and it was SO funny! Xena wasn't in it much (Lucy wuz spending time w/Daisy) but what happens is Aphrodite puts a spell on Gabrielle's scroll so whatever Gabrielle writes on this scroll comes true. Among other things that happen, Minya comes back, three naked Gabrielle's appear, Ares and Aphrodite lose thier powers and Xena is sent on an endless fishing trip. This is one of THE BEST episodes I have seen so far, and I highly recomend it!
Maternal Maternal Instincts *big sighs* This one was a doosy! Callisto is back. She was let out of her firey home by Hope (Gabrielle's evil daughter) who is now about 10 years old. And remember Callisto is now a God. Also, Solan, Xena's son is back! Anywho, at first Hope is just a kid who is around a lot, but Gabrielle finds out by mistake that it is Hope (Hope knew the whole time that Gabby was her mom) Gabby is still convinced Hope isn't evil, but Hope is mad because she thinks when Gabby sent her down the river in the basket it was because she didn't want her. Anyways, Solan's uncle (who has raised Solan all these years) is killed by Hope. Then Hope kills Solan, finally letting Gabrielle see how evil her daughter really is. She poisens her to rid of her, but Xena says she will never forget Gabrielle for lying to her.
BitterSuite Bitter Suite GREAT episode!!!! Wow! This was a musical type. What happens is at the beginning of the episode, Gabrielle is on her death bed, so sad over her daughter's death. Xena comes, fights her way past the Amazons, and tries to kill Gabby. She almost suceeds, but instead Xena and Gabrielle end up the the land of Illusia. Full of memories from thier past, and a singing Ares, Joxer and Callisto to guide the way. The purpose is to reunite Xena and Gabrielle's friendship and it works. The song that Xena sings for gabby and her son at the end makes me cry every time. This episode even has a soundtrack. It is one of my favs.
OneArmy One Against An Army Well, it is basically what the title says. Xena and Gabrielle have to fight against this army who are gonna destroy this village. But Gabrielle is injured by a poisinous arrow throught the lung. Instead of going to get the cure and missing the army, Gabby makes Xena promise to stop the army even if it means letting her die. But it all works out in the end. Xena fights the army, gets the cure for the poison and it is all happy. This episode shows how powerful Xena and Gabrielle's relationship is.
Forgiven Forgiven This snotty brat that I just want to slap shows up and wants to take Gabby's place as Xena's sidekick. Her name is Tara. Anywho, needless to say, Gabrielle dislikes her from the start. Considering she made her entrance but beating up and biting off part of Gabby's ear. At the end, Tara finally sees she doesn't belong with them and she is just being a burden. Best part of this episode: when the three of them are playing charades. Gabrielle is hilarious and Xena is cute trying to understand what the heck Gabby and Tara are doing. She finally exclaims "This game will never catch on, it's too hard!"
KingCon King Con Dum dum dum STUPID episode. Very very boring. Joxer is beaten up by these thugs and Xena has to play like poker or something to save him from being killed. I fell asleep.
Rome When In Rome... Another boring one. Ceaser is back, but that's all I remember. I will get more later on.
Forget Forget Me Not This episode is good! Gabrielle is overcome with bad memories of things that have happened in her past. She makes the choice to erase her entire memory by taking a journey through her thoughts, along with Ares as her "guide". While travelling, back on earth her memory is already gone and Joxer convinces her she and him are lovers. At the end, Gabrielle concludes that her happy memories are worth keeping, eventhough there will always be bad ones, and she reunites with Joxer and Xena back on earth.
FishFemsAndGems Fins Femmes And Gems This is my ALL TIME most FAVOURITE episode! It is so CUTE!!!!! Aphrodite steals the mistic diamond which lights the North star and she puts an obsession spell on Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer to keep their minds off getting back the diamond. Xena is obsessed with fishing, Gabrielle simply LOVES herself and Joxer becomes obsessed with this Apeman and starts acting like him. this episode is a terrific comedy relief after all the serious episodes we have seen lately.
Tsunami Tsunami This one is all about a boat. Xena, Gabrielle, Autolycus and a whole bunch of other people get stuck in an upside down boat that is sinking very deeply under water. This was a very good episode. Quite intense. :o)
Vanishing The Vanishing Act This episode was kinda boring. But it had it's funny moments. Autolycus is back *yippee* and he is trying to find this statue that has disapeared. Xena and Gabrielle are along to help, but Auto. makes Xena promise to do things his way. So Xena and Gabrielle dress up as rich people wanting to buy the statue (Autolycus is Xena's hunchbacked slave-type man). Anyways, in the end they get back the statue.
Sacrific Sacrifice Here we go. Part 1 of the season ender. Hope is back. But she is in this pod/cacoon thingy. Cally is here too and so is Ares. Although Ares isn't in it too much. Anyways, we meet up with this friend of Gabrielle's (and I forget her name. Big surprise!) this little blond haired girl which turns out to worship Hope and Dahawk. So anyways, Hope needs the blood of a sacrifice (the blond haired girl) to come out of her cacoon. Xena goes to kill Hope before she comes out of her pod, but Gabrielle stops her at the last mintue, Hope gets the blood on her cacoon and comes out, looking exactly like Gabrielle, her mama.
Sacrific2 Sacrifice II Okay, so Hope is now Gabby's age, she looks like Gabrielle and guess what? She gets pregnant! And guess who is the daddy? ARES!! (I know, I almost fainted) So anywho, Hope is very powerful. But she still sorta loves her mom. She gives Gabby a second chance to be her mother, but Gabrielle declines (yippee). Anywho, Ares makes this deal with the Fates that if Xena kills Hope, her life will too end. Gabrielle knows this, so does Xena, but Xena tells Gabby that if her dying is the sacrific for killing Hope, then so be it. But Gabby won't accept that. At the end of the episode, Xena is just about to kill Hope, but Gabby jumps in, grabs Hope and goes over a cliff into a firey hole with her daughter. Cally thinks this is so FUNNY, so Xena flips around and stabs her with a knife containing hines blood. Callisto is dead. Ares disapears and the season ends.