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Hercules/Xena Crossovers


All that are listed here are Hercules episodes that Lucy Lawless and/or Renee O'Connor appreared in. Also, check out XENA Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four, Season Five and Season Six.

Hercules/Xena Crossovers
Amazon Hercules And The Amazon Women Herc movie starring Lucy Lawless as an amazon named Lysia.
Lost Hercules And The Lost Kingdom A herc movie starring Renee O'Connor as Deianeira
DF Darkness Falls Coming Soon!
WP The Warrior Princess First in the Xena trilogy
gaunt The Gauntlet Second In The Xena Trilogy
unchain Unchained Heart Third and Final in The Xena Trilogy
outcast The Outcast Coming Soon!
judge Judgement Day Coming Soon!
Strange Stranger In A Strange World A great epiosde where everything is turned around in an alternate-verse. Xena and Herc are evil lovers and Ares is the God of Love.
arm2 Armageddon Now II Coming Soon!
For Those Of You Just Joining Us For Those Of You Just Joining Us An hilarious episode from Hercules Season Five that takes place in the 1990's. It is a continuation of "Yes Virgina, There Really Is A Hercules" and it stars Bruce Campbell as Rob Tapert, and Renee O'Connor as a camp counselor named Sunny Day. You gotta see it to believe it. It is great.