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Xena: Season One


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Season One
Sins Sins Of The Past This is the pilot episode. Gabrielle, whom Xena befriends in a village and protects from a Warlord, is introduced in this episode. Gabrielle, who is greatful to Xena, insists on followiong Xena, choosing the dynamic warrior princess as her mentor. When Xena is out numbered in battle, Gabrielle saves her life. Thus, Xena is now in Gabrielle's debt and so must accept her.
Chariots Chariots of War It all begins when Xena encounters a colony of peaceful Trojans and has to come to their defense. In the battle she is wounded by an arrow. Gabrielle then encounters and befriends the bowman who shot Xena. The young man regrets his warrior actions. Ultimately, Xena and the young man's father have their moment of truth and in the battle, he sacrifices himself so his other son can find peace. Sounds confusing huh?
Dream Dreamworker Gabrielle is captured by the priests of Morpheus, the God of Dreams. In order to prepare her for sacrifice, Gabrielle is given a series of tasks designed to force her to take another human life. To rescue her, Xena must enter the dream realm so that her soul can pass through a trial that focuses on her past self. Soon the evil Xena and the good Xena face off in a tug of war.
Cradle Cradle Of Hope This was one of the first episodes I ever saw, so I don't remember much about it. I remember that Xena and Gabrielle find a baby and that baby was ment to be killed by a king who was told that the baby would one take take his place as king. Xena and Gabrielle's job is to keep the baby alive. Traveling with them is, I think, a relative of Pandora. She is carrying her box. At the end Gabrielle accidently knocks the box over and discovers it's empty. **Highlight** The baby tossing scene is HILARIOUS!
Path The Path Not Taken Xena's old love Marcus meets up with Xena when she reunites with former friends to try and recuse a kidnapped princess. She tries to convince Marcus that fighter for the greater good is better than fighting evil. Marcus scoffs at her. But in the end he choses to give his life to save the princess. A heroic act that gets him killed.
Reckoning The Reckoning Ares' debute on Xena. Ares kills four villagers but disapeers when the other villagers arrive and they assume it was Xena that commited the murder. Ares tries to get Xena to join him but she tricks him into bringing the villagers back from the dead and they tell their friends that Xena indeed tried to save them and did not kill them.
Titans The Titans Gabrielle (unwillingly) releases 3 titans who she thinks at first she can control until they decide to be independant and release all the other titans to take over the world. It was a pretty good episode.
Prometheus Prometheus An episode with Herc and Iolaus! i love those guys *laugh* Anyways, Hera chains up this guy Prometheus. And because he is chained the gift to heal and the gift of fire are taken away. Therefore even a tiny scratch can kill you. Iolaus is hurt in battle and Gabby stays by his side while Herc and Xena rescue Prometheus.
Death In Chains Death In Chains Kay, this one is the opposite of Prometheus. I cant remember how it led up to this (I have spent three stright days watching 22 Xena episodes. My memory is a little clouded) but the point is... no one can die. Oh yeah! Some old man captures death and therefore no one can die unless she gets her candle back. If it burns to the bottom, everyone will become immortal. Anyways, Death is rescued in the end and someone Gabby falls for dies. *laugh* We'll be seeing a lot of THAT in the future huh?
Hooves Hooves And Harlots Welcome Ephiny into the show! Gabrielle becomes an Amazon princess. Yadda yadda. Good episode! Not much to describe, but it IS good.
Wolf The Black Wolf Kay, there is this guy called The Black Wolf who this guy wants to capture but his (or her) follows will not give him (or her) up. With Xena and Gabrielle's help everyone is rescued and The Black Wolf is reviled. Oh and Salmoneus makes his Xena debute.
Greeks Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts Gabby meets up with Perdicas again when Xena and her travel to Troy to rescue it and Helen (of Troy). Good episode. Gabby leaves at the end. She will regreat not jumping on Perdicas and marrying him that instant. Man, if these gals could only SEE the future. They need a personal orical.
Athens Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards Gabrielle tests her bard skills by sneeking into an academy and showing off her skills. Also in this episode a man called Homer (whom Gabrielle names Orion) He will later play Young Iolaus.
Dinars A Fistful Of Dinars I saw this one last night. It was okay. It all had to do with this treasure that Xena's ex-fiance, Petracles, this mean guy, Thersites and Xena have an intrest in. When they find the treasure and Thersites finds the Titans key, he kidnaps Gabrielle (what else is new?) so he can use her to stop Xena from stopping him. Also, we are introduced to "ambrosia" and it's powers.
WarriorPrincess Warrior... Princess First of the so far three parter in the "Xena's Doubles" episodes. We first meet Princess Diana, her father wants Xena's help in protecting his daughter. All in all a great episode. it's been awhile since I've seen it though :o(
Mortal Mortal Beloved Xena's love Marcus comes back when Hades helmet is stolen and all the good go to Tartarus and the evil go to the Elesian Fields. This mean dude who stole it has a fetish for killing young fiancee's. When he comes to Earth to do so, Xena Marcus and Gabby stop him :) In the end Marcus goes to the Elesian fields and Hades gets his helmet back.
Royal The Royal Couple Of Thieves I finally saw this episode. This is where Autolycus is introduced on Xena. Xena wants him to help her steal a treasure for some friends of hers. The treasure ends up being the Ten Commandments. This is a great episode, Autolycus is constantly trying to get Xena to go out with her, but she refuses. :o)
Prodigal The Prodigal Gabrielle freezes in battle and decides to run hom for awhile. While there she finds out her village is in danger and (aling with a Warrior named Melager) convinces everyone to stand up for themselves and saves her home town.
States Altered States Right in the middle of watching it :) Summery coming soon!
Ties Ties That Bind Coming soon!
Greater The Greater Good Coming Soon!
Callisto Callisto Coming Soon!
Mask Death Mask Xena is reunited with her idiot older brother Toris. He is still destraught over thier younger brothers death and plans to avenge it. But Xena comvinces him it will not help and it wont bring Lyceus back.
Doctor Is There A Doctor In The House? Ephiny is back! She has her baby Xenan in this episode, but we also learn her hubby has been killed :o( This is the first episode Xena really cries in and it's heart wrenching. She cries for Gabrielle when she learns her Gabby is dead. But it turns out Gabby lives *yippee* and so another season lives on!