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Inside Xena: Warrior Princess


Coming Up In The Future...

Hey all! Here is a little bit of inside info I got from a part time actor of Xena: Warrior Princess. I will add more quotes as I get them.

August 19 '98:- there is an Autolycus episode in season four that will be a huge musical number with lots of silly dancing and singing (Bruce does a HILARIOUS Elvis impersonation - this episode is directed by Michael Hurst) and there will also be an episode where Gabrielle and Xena travel to India. -

August 21 '98:-Yeah a bunch of insane extras (including myself) have had quite a few laughs with him. (Bruce Campbell-Autolycus) Again, he doesn't know us personally but whenever we see each other he remembers us and we start doing stupid things like making funny voices and we keep asking him to do say lines from "Brisco County" and "Evil Dead". He's a really funny guy. I asked him how he got that deep scar on his chin and he told me a crazed mime bit him :)

August 23 '98:- You see we (in "Vanishing Act") were supposed to be villagers in a huge village, but there were only sixteen or so extras (there were supposed to be hundreds of people in this village). So what they did was they photographed each and every one of us partying and acting happy and drunk INDIVIDUALLY and then scanned us into a computer. Then they multiplied us. So in this shot, while it looks like there's hundreds of people, there's only about ten or so people, just CLONED. I'm cloned there too - about four - five times from memory :)

August 26 '98:-(There's gonna be a new musical episode like "The Bitter Suite" in season 4. Here is what he said about it) The musical episode was done by a friend of mine. It's got Bruce (Campbell, Autolycus) doing a great Elvis-type impersonation as well as Xena and Gabrielle doing some HILARIOUS dancing apparently. It all takes place in someplace called the "temple of Calliopes" or something. *shrug* (Here's what he said about Lucy) Yeah she's pretty cool. I mean considering all the shite she's gone thru in her life to come out on tops like she has is pretty impressive. It's about time we got some female heroes in this world! People like Lucy and Renee and Gillian Anderson and people like that.

September 1 '98:-(I asked him if he knew anything personal stuff on Renee or Lucy. This is what he said) Ermm...hmmm....well lesse. I dunno if Renee is married or not (as i don't keep track of the show much), but there is a guy who comes and visits her a lot. I'm assuming that's her husband/boyfriend/whatever. I've not talked to him so I dont' know if he's a pretty cool guy or not. On the set, Renee's APPEARS to be really really shy and doesn't talk much to the guest-stars or the extras. As for tell you the truth I really haven't had a chance to size her up properly at all. I've met her, she's absolutely WONDERFUL and charming and she would walk around, say hello to all the new people on set, sit and talk to them, sometimes eat lunch with the extras (extras eat outside or in a different tent from the main cast and crew) and, once, she played this really hilarious prank on these two guys (extras) from the Hercules set who were smoking near her trailer. She snuck up behind them, grabbed them on the shoulders and SCREAMED at the top of her voice "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING NEAR MY TRAILER!!!!!!". The two guys went absolutely pale and looked like they were going to piss themselves, but then suddenly she BURSTS out laughing and tells them she was just kidding and apologized for her sick sense of humour. She's one of the very few women I've met in my life who're bigger than me and have more muscular thighs and forearms than me and I'm going to keep my distance....just in case *smile* As for Michael Hurst (Iolaus) he's got the funniest sense of humour I've ever seen in a person. And he's also got a 2 year old son who's REALLY cute and sweet, but he runs all over the set though and seems to like playing with the extra's which can be really irritating when you're trying to work sometimes. (I then asked about the "Lucy wearing a wig" rumours) SOMETIMES...her hair is a wig as opposed to the real thing (I once worked on an episode where she had REALLY short hair and they put a wig on her).

Well, that's all for now :o) Hopefully I will have more later on. Thank you to Poe for the info and good luck on the audition!