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Opening Title Words

Main Title

Jenata iazdi samotna

Neinoto minalo srazi ia

Sreshtu voiskite ot tumen svait

Vouva za dobra tia

Rogovi zvunove idavt

Napraite put na voina!

Tupani biat vuv ritum

Princhesata e pak tuka!

Main Title In English

The Warrior Princess rides alone

Her past drives her from shame.

Against the forces of a dark world

She fights for good, not for fame.

Horns sound her coming, blare her name

"Make way the Warrior! Cheer!"

Drums beat a rhythm

Let villians beware

The Warrior Princess is here!

What The Groovy Guy Says At The Beginning

In a time of ancient Gods,

Warlords, and Kings.

A land in turmoil

Cryed out for a hero.

She was Xena a mighty Princess

Forged In The heat of battle.

The power, the passion, the danger

Her courage will change the world!