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Did You Know...

Fun Facts About Xena: Warrior Princess

The man who played Thirsites in "Fistful Of Dinars" (Jeremy Roberts) Also played Aiden in "Paradise Found"

Tony Todd played Cecrops in "Lost Mariner" but he was also in two movies with Ted Raimi. One before this episode and one after. "Candyman" and "Wishmaster" I have also recently seen Tony in a Hercules episode.

Marton Csokas who has played Borias in MANY Xena episodes (The Debt, AITST, Past Imperfect Etc.), also played Khrafstar in "The Deliverer". (It doesn't LOOK like him, but that is what the credits say...

In the episode "The Quill Is Mightier" Ares and Joxer have a small fight about whether what the creature xena threw was a squid or an octopus, and Ares exclaims "I think I know a squid when I see one!". This is an inside joke from the episode "Lost Mariner" when Gabrielle was always eating Octopus yet everyone called them squid.

In "Fins Femmes And Gems" Xena tells Gabrielle that she is going to give her a lot more credit for everything she does and not treat her like a sidekick anymore. But I haven't seen a difference, have you?

After Lucy's riding accident, it took her a long time to get back on a horse. When she finally did, and was done the shoot, she got off the horse, walked away, and it fell over dead!

Hudson Leick's real name is Heidi

Karl Urban Plays Julius Ceaser... And Cupid God Of Love!

Lucy Lawless Was One A Coal Miner!!

Lucy And Rob Announced That They Were Getting Married Just Before Putting The Episode "A Day In The Life" Together. As An Inside Joke, At The Beginning Of The Episode When Hower Says To Gabrielle "Has Xena Ever Thought Of Settling Down And Getting Married" Robert Tapert's Name Apprears At The Bottom Of The Screen.

Lucy Got Her Part On The Musical "Grease" After Singing On The Rosie O'Donnel Show.

Lucy Is 3 Years Older Than Renee O'Connor.

One of Callisto's stunt doubles, 24 year old Michelle Calvert, died on April 11, 1996, sortly after filming "Callisto" Michelle In The Middle with Hudson and another stunt double.

Lucy Has Played 3 Different Parts On Hercules The Legendary Journeys

The Little Girl At The Beginning Of Destiny Is Wearing The Same Necklace That M'Lila Wore

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