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Poems And Stories!!

Hey there! This is a new feature on my page. It is a place where you guys can email me with your poems and stories and I will add them to my page. As long as the poems and stories don't go on for 50 pages and as long as they are about Xena (or Gabby or Argo or Ares or something to do with the show) they are more than welcome!!!!! Just email me at with your poem or story, your name, email addy and webpage, I will add it :o) Thank you!!!


For The Love Of Friends By Karinn Martel

The Warrior Princess Rides On By Gabrielle Anderson

Xena: Warrior Princess By Lori B. Cotney

My Warrior And Me By Rachel Ryan

Xena Poem By Derek Anderson (Visser)

To Gabrielle At Last By Valerie A. Powers

Just The Two Of Us By Valerie A. Powers