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I asked Bruce Campbell if he was married and he told me! (NEW) He has kids as well... Click Here to see what he said
Indrajit from The Way LUVS my page!! Check out what he sent me Here

My source is gonna be on Hercules! So.. this info IS more Hercules then Xena, but there is some stuff on what's coming up on Xena and Hercules. Here is what he had to say:
"There's going to be another Xena Goes To China episode (i saw the costumes they were making today at the studio)"
"hercules was fun, but REALLY REALLY COLD. Although the episode is set in egypt, keep in mind that everything was shot in 10 degree celsius weather!! everyone froze practically to death out there!"
"Kevin is glad he's finished with hercules, intends on going back to LA, play lots of golf, relax for six months and then take the captain's helm in the new star trek tv show."
"Michael Hurst is returning to stage (YAY!!) and starting with a new production of "Macbeth" next year. He's SUCH a funny and intelligent guy."
"This egypt episode "City of the Dead" is about Hercules vs the Egyptian gods and the Egyptian afterlife (Osiris, Anubis, mummies, pyramids and stuff). Although the infamous Necronomicon is mentioned, it is NOT the Necronomicon from HP Lovecraft stories and/or other horror stories. It's just the episode's writer being really confused."
"Kevin seemed a lot more relaxed this time around than previous times i've met him. I think its coz he's only got another 3 weeks of work to go and then he's free :) Michael Hurst finishes completely next week. He was very talkative, gabbing with the extras, chatted to me for almost half-an-hour."

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My friend Jamie who went to the Emmy's last year says that she was right up close and personal with Lucy and Renee as the showed off flashing big smiles for the camera before getting in the Limo.

My inside source says he went to a Christmas Pagent in Auckland during the X-Mas season last year and Lucy Lawless sang a solo. She came out dressed in a little white fairy costume :)

And friend of mine sent me an email about an upcoming episode in which KD Lang will be guest starring. Xena has a devoted lesbian following. There is no word on the character kd would portray but it won't be Sappho, the ancient Greek writer of love poems for women, which is already part of an upcoming episode. "She gets a hankering for Gabrielle and Gabrielle doesn't know how to handle it," Lawless offers, laughing. So who will play Sappho? "It's someone quite well known," she quips - Lawless herself.

Okay, have you seen the episode "Tsunami?" Well, if you did, you know they were on boats and in water through, like, the whole episode. Well, my inside source says "all the water scenes in Tsunami were filmed on a 5 million gallon watertank. During the dry-land sequences of the episode (which were being filmed directly NEXT DOOR to the tank), the tank kinda split open and a huge, real-life Tsunami, swept everyone away. Nobody was hurt, but lotsa stuff got destroyed and apparently the director ended up hanging from a ten meter tree in the carpark. Lucy and Renee ended up mashed against a chain link fence (at least this is all what the crew told me). They made a huge joke about it and now everyone wear's 'I SURVIVED THE XENA STUDIO TSUNAMI OF 98' T-shirts on set." *laugh* I also noticed...check out the disclaimer at the end of Tsunami: "No Cast or Crew were singing "Tanks For The Memories" during the production of this motion picture. However, the phrase "Strike the Set" was given new meaning." HINT HINT!!

If you have been by my page before, you have probably noticed the "Inside Information" page. Well, this is an updated version! I got another email from my inside source. First I would like to say RENEE CUT ALL HER HAIR OFF If you saw "Adventures In The Sin Trade 2" we know how Xena and Gabrielle die. Gabrielle's hair is short in this vision. Well, Renee cut her REAL hair off because the story line of their death is coming up soon! Here are a couple pics of what Renee's hair looks like short:

Weird huh? All of Renee's beautiful hair!!!

Anways, I will stop about the hair now, wanna know how RENEE AND LUCY ACT AROUND THE SET? Okay, well, this is sorta how everyone acts. During "afternoon tea break", while everyone else pigs out on cookies, chocolates, chicken sandwiches and bread rolls, Lucy and Renee polish off plates of salad and fresh fruit. Lucy sometimes likes to play a little game of catch or basketball too if time allows with other actors and crew. Lucy prefers lightweight summer bathrobes to lounge around set in, Renee prefers the far more soft, cozy and cuddly winter robes. There was a guy on his special effects unit who knew Rob very well and was making fun of him on set (imitating Rob's nasally american accent and recounting the argument they had about a character's apperance). *laugh* There's not much "ego" around there on set. Everyone treats each other pretty normally and we all make fun of the stars/producers behind their backs and stuff. It's a fun atmosphere. While he was there, a couple of guys graffited all over Ted Raimi's chair. :)

On to UPCOMING EPISODES My inside source was chatting to Renee just before she ran off for her Christmas break to be with her b/f in Austin Texas and she mentioned that one of the upcoming episodes is a parody of the "Cinderella" story. From the way she told him about the episode, it's not a serious one and (He thinks) the story is told around a campfire so none of it is real, its just a cool story that either Xena or Gabrielle tell each other while poaching some fish. Or something like that. She was really vague about it all. Okay. As I mentioned in my Inside Info page, there is gonna be a series of episodes coming up that have JUST been finished filming. GABBY will LOSE HER STAFF FOR GOOD In one of these episodes :o( One of which is called "The Way" There is a character appearing in two of the Indian episodes named Eli. No doubt he will probably made into a regular. In "The Way", the writers and designers did some wonderful research into Hindu mythology. A famous much-loved character named Hanuman (an ape-man) appears in the episode and will no doubt please lots of indian fans as well as the god Krishna. Also, Xena (in the final battle) will transform herself into the demon-killing Goddess KALI (complete with four arms, blue-skin and super-long tongue). Very cool and she pulls off the role really well. Great stuff.


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