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New & Updated!! February 25 2001

-Happy birthday to my mum and belated birthday to Renee. I ment to add that to the updates last week but totally forgot. Renee turned 30 on the 15th.
-Pictures and summery up for To Helicon And Back. Late again, I know. But I have been sick. Seriously. I can't hear or breathe. It's annoying. Anywho, it's up and for the next 3 weeks I get to relax cuz we are in repeats! I can't wait for "Send In The Clones" though. Also, have you been watching Survivor? Man it's getting good! That will keep me occupied while I wait for "Send In The Clones" :o)

February 21 2001

-Finally got pictures and summery up for Path Of Vengence. I will be seeing "To Helicon And Back" tonight (in 10 mins actually) and should have pics and summery up for that tomorrow.
-I got another Award!

February 15 2001

-Ever since I started this page over 3 years ago, I never missed an episode. Since both parts of The Debt which I missed and ended up watching later when they repeated, I have NEVER missed an night of watching Xena. Once it was cancelled cuz of a football game, but I caught it on Sunday. Yesterday though I actually MISSED XENA! I was playing an online game with my mum and lost ALL track of time. Plus I thought it was Tuesday all day. I look at the clock, it says 8:15 and I realize Xena has been on for 15 minutes! I was SO mad. But thankfully it repeats for me on Sunday at 4pm. YAY! Lucky me huh? So pictures and summery will be delayed this week cuz I am an idiot =)
-BTW, I am still working on Renee and Gabrielle pictures, plus clips from my Kit 4 tape. Just gotta give me time =) But I haven't forgotten. Boy... hope I don't miss Survivor tonight....

February 9 2001

-Thx to a slow computer I have spent the last 7 hours (not including 45 mins for dinner and dishes) doing the following updates. I am tired and ready to throw this computer through the wall :o) If I make spelling mistakes... please ignore it. I have typed more then I have ever in my life today.
-First off, another interview with Adrienne! It's awesome. Check It Out Now!
-Also, I finally got up images and summery for You Are There. I would have had it done yesterday but my comp kept crashing. This is by far my longest summery and most ammount of pictures. I usually have about 14-20 per episode. For this one I had 42.
-NEW DAISY PICS! Been awhile huh? Last time we saw Daisy, Lucy was pregnant with Julius. Back then she was about up to Lucy's neck. Now she is up to Lucy's ear! That kid's getting tall, she is sure taking after her mum. She's only 12! Anyways, check out the pictures here. Sorry for the bad quality of the one scan. The source had to do it fast.
-Just Shoot Me scans are up! I saw the episode yesterday, it was terribly cute. Check out the scans. Sorry for the loading time, but I have NO patience to do thumbnails right now :o)
-I got my Xena #4 kit early! 6 and a half weeks early :o) It was awesome. I even asked Adrienne about it. Eventually, (and this may take 3 months) I will put scans up. It shows basically what it takes to make a Xena episode along with great bloopers from Season 5 at the end.

February 2 2001

-I got the inteview up! Finally over 2 months after I interviewed Tamara, the interview is now up HERE!. It's great interview for Tamara fans and has some cute things about Lucy, Renee, Hudson (Leick "Callisto") and Kevin Sorbo. You'll love it :o)
-Got images and summery up for The God You Know. Because my comp is SO tempermental tonight it took like 5 hours to do! But it's done. Enjoy! It's a long summery with tons of images. Most I've ever put in the guide I believe. And remember, after next week's episode I am interview Adrienne again :o)

January 31 2001

-GOOD NEW FOR ADRIENNE WILKINSON FANS! I talked to Adrienne (Eve/Livia) today after I saw "The God You Know" and she agreed to do another interview with me after "You Are There" airs next week! This will be the third interview I have done with Adrienne and I want to thank her again. She is truely a lovely girl and I feel so honoured to know her.
-I got some GREAT Behind The Scenes pictures today. I took them from my Xena Kit #3 blooper reel. It's great. I got 75 images. And for my birthday today, my mum ordered me the 4th kit. So when I get that I will put images up from that tape :o) For now check out the Xena Kit #3 images. They are wonderful!
-I saw "The God You Know" today. And as usual, Alexis was amazing. Everything I see Alexis Arquette in is just superb. I think my favourite role of his was George in "The Wedding Singer". I am a huge Boy George fan and Alexis was hilarious. Anyways, images should be up tomorrow. I usually sit down after picking up my sister and brother at 3pm and clip and capture til it's all done. Usually like 3 hours later. So look for that then!

January 25 2001

-Pictures and summery up for Dangerous Prey

January 23 2001

-And the picture adding continues! Today I got up about 20 pictures each for the Subtext Gallery and the Xena/Gabrielle Gallery. Next task, Gabby and Renee. I'll wait til after this weeks episode though :o)

January 21 2001

-Worked my butt off this morning and last night to get you up roughly 24 new Lucy Lawless Pictures and 24 new Xena Pictures. Yay! Why? Well, my galleries haven't been updated since like Season 4, so I thought I'd give you a treat :o) Plus I added a whole new gallery for Lucy and Xena for easy veiwing. The pictures are great! Go check them out. My next project is Gabrielle and Renee. And the Subtext and Xena/Gabby together gallery. I have found so many cute pics of Xena and Gabby together that I have been dying to put up for months!
-Also, for those who have asked, yes the Tamara Gorski interview is done. It has been for a while actually. I am just waiting for Tamara to confirm it and up it goes. Hang tight :o)

January 18 2001

-Got pictures and summery for Old Ares Has A Farm today. I am also going to be updating the Season Six page with what's coming up later this Season. Check that out soon =)

January 13 2001

-Hey! Well, 4 more days for me and "Old Ares Has A Farm" will air! Yay :o) I am so sick of repeats. Also, today I set up my very own message board. I have spent the last like week playing with the colours and stuff on it... (I am never happy til I change things like 20 times) and it's all done. Let me know what you think, what (if anything) should be improved and if you find anything wrong with it. Thx! Link below.

January 01 2001

-Happy New Year! Wow, is it just me, or did 2000 go by REALLY fast? Wow...
-K, first of all, my interview with Missy Good (writer) is finally done. Yay :o) Check it out Here
-Also, 4 more Behind The Scenes Pictures. After uploading them (which took forever cuz my mum's computer kept crashing) I discovered I had like 8 more tucked away in my save folder. Those will be up eventually. I don't have the patience right now :o) It's 11:25pm and I started updating at like 3pm today. That's how slow and tempermental it's all been.
-Reminder! Xena Season 6 continues week of January 15th.

December 24 2000

Today, I got an early Xmas present. A HUGE one! First a new monitor... because mine went all purple-y and green-y making updating impossible (hense the over 2 weeks since the last update). AND I got the thing I have been wanting since I started this page 3 yrs ago: a screen capture machine! YAY! Finally I take images from interviews that no one else has and I don't need to ask cuz they're mine *laugh* And I can start taking images from episodes AFTER I see them on Wednesdays instead of waiting til the weekend (or longer) for pictures and sometimes they're not even the ones I want. So anywho, in time I will take images from interviews and stuff I have on tape and maybe even images from past seasons. Plus, my music videos! I was one of the first people to start making Xena music videos, but I haven't been able to show them until now :o) Today I did the one thing I was begging others to do for me but no one did: I took images from the new opening! 31 fresh new images for you to enjoy! Go here to the Opening Credits Page to check it out!

December 07 2000

-Pictures AND summery for Return Of The Valkyrie are FINALLY up!
-New picture of Julius! What a cutie =)

Thx to everyone who have sent in poems or MAX profiles. I haven't forgotten you! It's that time thing again. When I get the chance, I will add your beautiful poems and MAX info to the site.

December 02 2000

-Message from Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve/Livia). Here's what she said:
Aschley - I am still in NZ. The season is filming until the end of March - and I have no idea if I will be involved with it or not. Alexis was great. Very interesting to watch work. Renee and Lucy are ready for new things- so the end of the show really isn't all that sad. Renee and Steve are doing beautifully.
-Images and summery for Return Of The Valkyrie, the final episode in this season's trilogy should be up tomorrow.

November 28 2000

-Pictures and summery up for The Ring.
-LOTS of spoiler info on what's coming up this Season! It's gonna be FABULOUS! COME SEE

November 26 2000

-Okay! I got pictures for The Rheingold up! Yay! A week late... and I am sorry. :(
-Because of the MAJORLY stupid football game (I apologize to football fans... but come on!) Xena was pre-empted. Figures. The MIDDLE episode in a trilogy. Well, it was suppose to repeat Friday and Saturday... nope! Last chance I have to see it is today at 4pm. I hope I don't miss it! Heck, I hope it even AIRS! (I am a tad stressed). I got 5 hours to go... blah. My picture source has not updated since the 12th. The Rheingold's pictures come from Logomancy again. Their link is on the Season Six page. So, let's hope someone gets something done this week. :) Also, looks like I might be getting my own screen capture machine next month! Six years late, but better late then never :) Then I can add interview images and episodes images for Seasons one, two, three, and four during the Christmas hiatus, and after Xena (SNIFF) ENDS!
-Speaking of hiatus', after this trilogy we go into like a month or repeats. Which will suck. But after that we go into some great episodes including Send In The Clones, a modern day comedy starring Claire Stansfield. And Dangerous Prey an episode where Renee directs again!

November 21 2000

-Summery up for The Rheingold. No pictures yet though, 'cept for the two front ones. I had surgery on Monday and the last thing I felt like doing was uploading pictures. I will put pictures for that episode up on Sunday when I do pictures for next weeks episode "The Ring".
-Got a super long email from Tamara Gorski (Morrigan from Hercules) today. She is so funny. She talked about her early acting days on such shows like my hometown grown show "Kids In the Hall". The email wasn't really done interview style, but that's okay. I am going to edit it a bit maybe maybe by this weekend or next I will have it up. Hopefully I will be feeling better then *smile*

November 13 2000

-Sort of a clean up day. Long term vistors know, I don't like keeping things the same too long, which is why my front page is constantly changing. Well, so is my picture archive and lo and behold, I did it again :) Check out The New And Improved Picture Archive K, it's not THAT big a deal. But it's smaller and prettier.
-Got an autographed picture from Adrienne! (Livia/Eve) Added that and scanned my two Lucy autographs and put em ALL on my Autographs page.
-Added a page for "Updates June-October 2000"
-Pictures and summery for The Abyss are up.
-Also, new images for Xena's Domain, Xena's Bio, Lucy's Bio, Gabrielle's Domain, Gabrielle's Bio and Renee's Bio. I think the images are very pretty =)

November 8 2000

-Okay okay... I know I am a day late, but I finally have the pictures for Legacy up. My source fell through this week, and I had to scramble to get these ones done.
-I also uploaded the rest of the pictures for last weeks episode Who's Gurkhan?. A lot of people had been asking about that. Sorry it took so long.
-That's about it. I talked to Adrienne (Wilkinson aka Eve/Livia) recently and she is off in New Zealand with Lucy and Renee shooting the last 10 episodes. She said when she comes back, she will do another interview... talk about the final days on the set. :( I don't think we're getting our Season 7 folks. You can still vote for it though. Click here to go sign!

November 5 2000

-37 (Yes 37!) Behind The Scenes pictures up today! Whenever I come across one I scan it or save it and today I realized I had 37. So I now have over 100 BTS pictures! *yay me* Page is sort of slow loading because of this though. Be warned!
-Episode summery up for Legacy. Pictures coming tomorrow as well as the rest of the pictures for Who's Gurkhan?. It's 11pm and I was up ALL weekend cuz the power went out at 1am Friday night and people tried to break in and the whole neighborhood was pitch black and the cops had to come save my mum and me... OY! It was horrible. So, I am tired as heck and have to wake up at like 8am tomorrow. Anywho *laugh* there's my weekend story!
-Oh! And I got two new Awards. Very pretty! The Dragon one is from my sister.

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