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Gabrielle Anderson
I had pics of my tattoo and Xena's (BTL) but I have to rescan em. They are pretty similar, but I got mine a year before Xena *smile*

Pictures Of Me And My Family And Friends!
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The Bare Facts

My real name is Aschley, but my net name is Gabrielle Anderson.

Turned 18 at the end of January. Still excepting gifts =)

I have a younger sister and brother named Kyle (the girl, 12) and Kody (the boy [duh] 10). I have a 4 year old puppy named Carly and a widdle bunny who is less then a year old named Bailey.

My hair is shoulder length and blond, my eyes are green and I am 5 foot 5 and still shrinking...

I have a tattoo of Xena's chakram on my ankle. And in the middle is the oriental symbol for "Hope" (Sweet eh?) *Pics Coming* And I have 11 peircings so far. All in my ears :) 6 on the left, 4 on the right and one in the cartlidge (right)

Nope! I am off again on again single. Right now I am single... =)

Fav TV show? Umm... Xena! (duh) and Southpark (kick @$$!) and Friends and That 70's Show and Survivor. Why did they kick Jenna off?!?!?!

I like stuff like Alanis Morrisette, Our Lady Peace, Greenday, LEN, Boy George (oh come on, he ROX!), Meredith Brooks etc.

Place of Residence
I am currently living in Ontario Canada... eh?