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Lucy Lawless

The role of Xena is played by a great actress named Lucy Lawless. Lucy was born on March 29, 1968. Up until the age of 8, she was known to be a real tomboy. There were seven children in her family and she was the fifth...and the oldest girl. Lucy went to mostly convent schools in her life, and she rode horses a lot throughout her teenage years. Lucy was born in Mt. Albert. When she was old enough, she took off for Europe. After living there for a bit, she moved down to Australia where she married, and then she left to go back home in Auckland where her daughter Daisy (now 11 years old) was born. After returning to Auckland and living there for awhile, she left for Vancouver, Canada. Then returned to New Zealand where she landed the role as Xena, Warrior Princess. As sort of spin-off from her character on Hercules.
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