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I Am Not Renee Or Gabrielle!!

Okay, a lot of people have been accusing me of "being" or "acting as" Renee O'Connor and/or her character "Gabrielle". Just because my handle is Gabrielle Anderson, doesn't mean I am THE Gabrielle. My real name isn't even Gabrielle, I just like the name. Gabrielle Anderson is just a handle I use, like you would on a chat line. I go by Gabrielle Anderson. That's it. So PLEASE stop emailing me fan letters addressed to Renee, stop signing my guestbook with "I Love Your Show" and PLEASE don't accuse me of trying to be Renee. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I have had disclaimers on my pages since it opened and still, a lot of people just can't take a hint. Thanks a lot for reading this!

-Aschley aka Gabrielle