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Hi =) Welcome to the first thing ever on my site... it's pure crap *lol* 7/18/00

Xena has many friends, people she can count on besides Gabrielle. She also has many enemies. Here are a few people we all trust on Xena: Warrior Princess. :o)


Queen of the Amazons, Ephiny has been a great friend of Xena & Gabrielle's through-out the past three years. Her son, a centaur, was named after Xena. She helped deliver him at the end of Season One. The role of Ephiny is played by Danielle Cormack.


Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is a spunky little blond. Her son, Cupid (God of Love) and her have showed up on Xena a couple of times. The role of Aphrodite is played by Alexandra Tydings.


Iolaus, sidekick of Hercules, has been on many episodes of Xena over the past three years. He was there to comfort Gabrielle in "The Quest" when Xena died. He also a co-writer on the show. The role of Iolaus is played by Michael Hurst.


Joxer is a goofy guy that is head over heels in love with Gabrielle and is always trying to partner up with Xena and Gabby...although it never quite works. Calling himself "Joxer The Mighty" and even having his own theme song doesn't make Joxer any less of a wimp. He first appeared in the first season episode "Callisto" and has been coming on and off ever since. The role of Joxer is played by Ted Raimi.


Autolycus, the king of theives, has many a few guest appearences on Xena. He helped Xena out when she died in an episode called "The Quest" and let her spirit into his body where Xena saw how warm and kind he could actually be. The role of Autolycus is played by Bruce Campbell.


Hercules, son of Zues...king of the Gods, has only appeared on Xena a few times. Xena, however, has been on Hercules numerous times...more as an enemy then anything. Herc is the one that changed Xena's ways. Helped her beat her evil side and become the great warrior we all love. The role of Hercules is played be Kevin Sorbo.