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Bruce In The Evil Dead Trilogy This was the first Evil Dead movie. Kinda creepy. Bruce was SO cute in it though! I emailed him once and asked about the necklace he gave to his gf Linda in this movie. He wrote back saying "That junkie ol' thing? =) It cost about $10, I think..."

Click on image to make it bigger! Thx to Bruce's page for letting me use these pictures!

PICTURES AREN'T CURRENTLY WORKING! They have to be recollected and saved. Thank you for your patience!

These are pics for the SECOND Evil Dead movie. Aka "Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn" It has this real cute thing where Ash's (the character Bruce plays) hand becomes infected with this evil thing going around that makes you turn into this... weird... THING... (I dunno, you have to watch it to know what I am talking about) Anyways, he has to cut it off with a chainsaw. Gross as it SOUNDS, the scene was cute. This movie is more lighthearted then the first movie.

And the last movie titled "Army Of Darkness" aka Evil Dead 3. Some people dont even know this is third in the trilogy. I saw this one first, then the other two. This one is WAY more lighthearted. Bruce once again SHINES as Ash, the man with the chainsaw hand *laugh* This is where the line "Gimme some sugar baby" came from. Autolycus said it once on "Hercules" made me and my mum laugh :)

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